Dark Clouds (loveugly) wrote in subway_eatfresh,
Dark Clouds

Wow... i found some like minded people who also believe Subway is the bestest! Im a huge Subway lover... i sooo had to join this Community.

My names Alex and my nick names "Veggie"... my story real quick, is that, i quit eating meat and then quit eating all together... then when i got sick and had to see a doctor, he say "you gotta eat blah blah blah, figure out what your favorite food is and eat that everyday if you have to." so i always had a place in my heart for Veggie subs from Subway. so ive been eating there ever since. so thats been going on like 4 years and i still eat there at least once sometimes twice a day. (yes, I know im crazy... and my friends agree with you) i kind like it that way... everyone knows my name and i know everyone who works at the two Subways i frequent pretty well. they know exactly what i like to eat and make it with out even having to ask me. for the last 3-4 years ive been getting xmass cards from Subway. I love Subway and Subway loves me. Nuff said.

Eat Fresh... Im out -Alex
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