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Mmmm, warm sandwich

So, the other day I got rid of two cards full of stamps, partly because they were full and partly because I didn't know how much longer it would be before they get rid of stamps here in Germany (I've heard that many places in the US have already stopped accepting them).

So I ordered myself a footlong turkey bacon melt (I think it was called), which is spiffy because I like bacon anyway but I didn't have to pay extra, since it comes with this sub, which was free! Yay!

So what usually happens in my local Subway branch is they stick the bacon in the microwave, then put it on the sandwich. However, I was in a different place in town, and they do things differently. (They also have three or four people working the line at once, rather than just one guy like in my local place.) They put the raw bacon on the sub together with the turkey breast and the cheese, then stick the whole thing in the microwave!

End result: a sandwich that was warm. Warm bread, warm meat, decent bacon. Yum. Best sandwich I'd had in a while.

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