Keri (kerimatheson) wrote in subway_eatfresh,

mmmmm...subway yummy

Hi, my name is Keri and I am new here. I am nanny for three little boys, two of which have Autism. The other day when I was there, Andrew, the middle one, was obsessed with going to Subway. He would say,

"First, wait for Kevin (my bf). Then, go to Subway sandwich."

It was very odd. So he wrote a story about it.

going to Subway
first wait for Kevin
then Subway for car ride
get a sandwich
is Andrews
is lettuce, subway chicken
cheese, mayonnaise
a subway pop
subway fries
and ketchup

It was so cute.
It was even more cute that he was wearing a dark green "golf" shirt and khaki shorts. I have seen Subway workers wearing those colors on occasion.

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