SEQUINS (pretty492) wrote in subway_eatfresh,

Window 2

For the fans that don't know, we are approaching a new window. (Push a different, sometimes new product time.) The most exciting part is the kids pack toys, are you ready, it's extra cool, it's, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! At my store a toy by itself costs the same as a small soft drink, enjoy. Also upcoming is the 6" for $2.49. Every day of the week has been set aside for a different sandwich, ie. Sunday=Roasted Chicken Breast, Monday=Turkey/ham, Tuesday=Meatball, Wednesday=Turkey, etc... Because of how the computer/register is set up we can't give two discounts at once, so you'll have to buy the chips and drink at regular cost if you want the meal deal, but it will still be cheaper. (At my store you save $.47)
If you have any questions about anything Subway related feel free to ask, managing puts me there almost fifty hours a week.(Read that at least two meals a day, five days a week are Subway provided.)
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