-Rachel- (saturdaypanic) wrote in subway_eatfresh,

News Flash!!!

Yesterday, I ate at Subway (foot-long italian BMT on wheat bread, pepper jack cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, black olives, banana peppers and pickles, and oil... yummy) and as I pulled out my card to get stamps the cashier kid told me, "ya know, we're gonna stop doing these the 18th" and of course like a shocked moron I exclaimed, "REALLY?!?!?" and well she said, "yeah"

Well during my whole meal I just couldn't stop saying, "I can't believe that! That f---ing sucks!" and arguing with my boyfriend over who's sandwich tasted better...

Now I'm wondering if maybe it's just that Subway, sure that's probably wishful thinking... but I'm gonna be so upset if I can't earn free subs anymore... :(

Has anyone heard anything about this? Does anyone who works there have any info?
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What I know from work is that people would rob some restaurants and ask for the stamp roll instead of the till..they sell for 200-800$ on Ebay. :/

Over here, we're giving them until May 10th.
i work at subway and we had to stop giving them out die to the fact that people were stealing the big rolls of them and selling them on ebay. and then i also heard that you could go to some website and just print them out. anyway, they are trying to come out with some card thing so maybe one day, you'll be able to get a free sub every now and then.
Howdy, Im a district manager for 3 cities in Texas. We stopped doing stamps over a year ago now and I can tell you it is in fact due to the theft, either by steeling from stores or printing them off their computers. I'm sorry to see it go myself, but this kind of thing happens when people start doing things like this. Sadly to say, there will be no customer loyalty programs in most of Texas now.